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Psychological safety and mental health at work

Business performance starts with your people and organizational health

At work, people are both the sum of their skills and efforts as well as an accumulation of individual needs.
As a business leader, paying attention to people’s needs motivates people to pay attention to the company's goals. This is how you build a healthy organization.

Fostering Psychological Safety at Work

Performance is less about who you have on the team, and more about how the team collaborates. Collaboration makes or breaks team performance. Collaboration is driven by every member feeling safe to express his ideas, questions and concerns, as well as taking risks, without fearing that he might be humiliated or penalized when making a mistake. This is psychological safety, the most important determinant of individual and team performance.

Improving Mental Health at Work

Work is inseparable from people’s lives. What happens at work has an impact on people’s Mental Health, which in turn has an impact on their engagement, capacity to work productively, job satisfaction, and self-esteem – and ultimately their feeling that they have an accomplished life. So, it’s in the organization’s power to transform mental health into a valuable asset that can help reach their performance potential.

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