Psychological Safety at Work

When individual performance is high, company performance follows

Performance is less about who you have on the team, and more about how the team collaborates. Collaboration makes or breaks team performance. Collaboration is driven by every member feeling safe to express his ideas, questions and concerns, as well as taking risks, without fearing that he might be humiliated or penalized when making a mistake.

This is psychological safety, the most important determinant of individual and team performance.

How can you tell?

The signs that your workplace is psychologically unsafe

Psychological safety improves performance at work

* sources


more productivity

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workers more likely to collaborate


greater skills preparedness


higher probability for workers to apply newly learned skills


less stress


more satisfaction


reduction in turnover

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more employee engagement

Low psychological safety undermines performance

Steps we help you take to foster psychological safety

  • step 1
    Measure the level of Psychological Safety using the Psychological Safety Scan. Start your journey by evaluating the current level of psychological safety in your organization, using this internationally validated survey. The resulting Psychological Safety Index mirrors where teams are in terms of inclusion and diversity, willingness to help, attitudes towards risk and failure, and open conversation.
  • step 2
    Discuss the results with the team, facilitate insight and action planning. Unpack the results in a dialogue with the team meant to help members acknowledge the current level of psychological safety, identify the team’s strengths, and determine areas for improvement.
  • step 3
    Help the team leaders to implement actions and build the necessary skills they need in order to foster a work environment where Psychological Safety can spring and develop
  • step 4
    Measure the progress and adjust the actions. Reevaluate the psychological safety levels periodically to assess the effectives of the implemented actions and adjust them accordingly.
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