About us

We build scalable programmes that support individuals, teams and entire organisations

Our vision for now and
for the future

We believe companies can truly reach their performance potential by investing in organizational health as a competitive advantage. Organizational health is built on and driven by individuals’ mental and emotional health.

Our mission

Addezia is a science-based consulting company that leverages the knowledge and experience of The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Trauma to support companies in reaching their potential performance through organizational health:
→ by fostering psychologically safe work environments
→ by improving employee mental health and well-being in the workplace: reducing toxic behavior, enhancing adaptability and resilience

How we approach work

Business expertise

Our capacity to help businesses reach their potential is based on a profound understanding of all aspects of leading a business and of change management.

Scientific approach

Our methodology, tools, and recommendations are founded on the experience we have in the fields of mental health, psychology, and organizational culture.

Careful change

In driving performance, we strive to coagulate people – who think, work, and react differently – around a common purpose, smoothly.


We believe performance is rooted in adaptability, which we cultivate through our ability to change people’s perspectives, at every level of the organization – how to relate to uncertainty and risk, how to communicate to different colleagues by understanding their individual needs.

Our team


Diana Vasile PhD.

Diana co-founded Addezia aiming to change the way businesses function in relation to their most valuable asset – people.

Diana earned her PhD studying family trauma, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. She has helped various organizations to learn and build the necessary skills for coping with stress, leading through adversity, and building resilience.

Diana is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bucharest, author, international speaker, and trainer. She frequently talks about people’s psychological potential and how it can be uncovered and transformed. Her passion for human recovery and transformation coagulated a whole team of people in an NGO, The Institute for Trauma Study and Treatment, the leading institution in trauma psychology and psychotherapy in Romania.


Adriana Gontariu

Through Addezia, Adriana aims to contribute to the design and implementation of tailored human interventions that can help organizations reach their performance potential and individuals have a meaningful experience in the workplace.

Adriana has a strong background in the fields of Human Resources & Talent, with 30 years of multi-industry experience working with global multinational companies as well as local businesses, across all organizational levels up to the Operating Committee and the Board.

Guided by her passion for developing human potential, Adriana studied with leaders in therapy, coaching, and leadership and became an expert in these fields. She is a certified Fearless Organization Practitioner, a Neuroleadership Institute Coach, and a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.


Adina Hellen Stanca

During over 20 years of experience in general entrepreneurship and business strategy, Adina has closely advised Romanian entrepreneurs and developers from various industries, including for some pioneering projects.

In 1999, she founded a psychotherapy association. Since 2017 she has been managing a professional association dedicated to the training of psychotherapy practitioners and to the facilitation of psychological programs and services for personal development.

Adina is also a Managing Partner and founder of Emporium Consulting. She currently uses her expertise in business management and psychotherapy to design and implement programs that can accelerate organizational growth and contribute to the development of the human capital, helping people achieve their work and personal goals.

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