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"As I gazed up at the sky, I beheld a wondrous sight - a murmuration of birds, weaving intricate patterns as if in a dance. And as I watched, it struck me that this beauty was not unlike the harmony that can be achieved within a workplace that values psychological safety. When individuals feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment, they can move together with a shared purpose, like the birds in their murmuration."

Founder of addezia

Reach your performance potential by investing in organizational health as a competitive advantage.

Business performance and organisational health are directly driven by individual performance - a KPI influenced by how people feel at work and about their work.

All these organizational health indicators are measures of how emotionally healthy an employee feels, a prerequisite for him to perform at work. Employee mental and emotional health is the foundation of organizational health.
Employee mental and
emotional health
Reach business
performance potential
Organisational health - our expertise

Fostering Psychological Safety at Work

We can help you improve psychological safety at work.

Organisational health - our expertise

Improving Mental Health at Work

We can help you improve psychological safety at work.

Ready to start leading with organizational health?

Are you thinking it’s time to build a healthy workplace for your people in order to drive performance and be more competitive on the market?

Why work with us


years of collective expertise, working with businesses, NGOs, and private individuals focused on optimizing performance


workshops on resilience and mental and emotional health, for businesses, mental health experts, and the general public


hours of one-on-one sessions for improving psychological functioning

Our team’s results recommend us

Addezia is about our people working with your people to optimize your organization’s health. We are our people’s accumulated expertise, skills, and tenacity, and it’s them who deliver the results. Meet our team through the eyes of our customers.

Remus Cotut


I had the pleasure to work with Adriana for more than 5 years. Beside having a strong business understanding, a very good experience and passion for talent management and organizational development, the thing that Adriana impressed me the most with was her skill of participative leadership by fostering a culture of focusing on employees needs with significant impact in engagement and organization result.

Asif Baig

Operations Director S&C at Kyocera-AVX Components

Adriana supported me as an independent consultant in 2014-2015, during a very challenging time where we were faced with tremendous growth, employee turnover, an inadequate HR structure and we had to align our business strategies to ensure business turnaround through employee satisfaction and effective change management. Adriana played an instrumental role in achieving the business objectives by helping me restructure the business and putting a sustainable business model that not only helped overcome the present challenges but also provided a platform for future stability and growth. Adriana’s knowledge of the local market, change management, effective communication and understanding of local laws makes her a valuable HR partner.

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